Campaign #4

To keep the Donate page easy to read, we are archiving the donation information for Campaign #4 here. You can find the progress meter and list of donors after the jump.


The poll for the next campaign charities is now live on the web site. Please review the organizations, click links to learn more, and then vote on the one you would like to support. If you do not see a charity you want to support, nominate them! Make sure you research them first, of course. We only ask that they be 501(c)3 organizations or the equivalent for an international charity.

Last Week for Campaign Four!

We are down to the last few days of Campaign Four. Barring some miraculous stimulus package for fan-based organizations, it doesn’t look like we will reach our goal. However, we can still reach the goal of matching previous campaign amounts! Can you help us get there?


Will you be attending the Cherry Hill convention? Are you interested in representing Fandom Rocks while you are there? Drop us a line!

What about the LA Convention? Brande and Lis will be there, so be sure to drop by to say hello!

Hang in there until March 12th – new episodes will be back!

Guess what? This weekend we have two holidays – Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day. (Yes, I am counting Friday the 13th as a holiday.)

We have just over two weeks left in this campaign, and we still have a LONG way to go.

Would you consider …
Donating $13 in honor of Friday the 13th?
Donating $14 to charity instead of the card/candy industry for Valentine’s Day?

(I hope so!)

After all, Jared and Jensen are in movies about both holidays! (If you are willing to take that leap with me, that is.) Why not help out charities this weekend and help our campaign reach our goal?

I can hardly believe it, but it is true. We are on the home stretch of our fourth campaign! Here are some important things to know:

  1. Our “Promote It!” contest is extended until the end of the campaign. We would love to hear your episode ideas and see your promoting skills! It isn’t hard, and you could win an awesome prize from CineQuest.
  2. We have 23 days left in this campaign. YOU have helped us raise over $1300 USD, and we want to see the Humane Society and Children for Tomorrow feel the love of the Supernatural fandom. Can you help us get that number higher? We know you can!

Mr. Kim Manners

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the passing of an integral piece of the Supernatural family. All of us here at Fandom Rocks join the rest of the entertainment industry in mourning the passing of Kim Manners. Much loved by the cast, crew, and fans of Supernatural, Kim put his amazing talents and three decades of experience as an actor, producer, and director into making Supernatural the show we’ve all come to love, and he will be greatly missed by everyone whose lives he touched and influenced. Kim’s family has requested that, for those who would like to do something in his memory, donations be made to the American Cancer Society.

We have received several inquiries about donating to the American Cancer Society through Fandom Rocks. As we set up at the very beginning, fans may nominate a charity at any time, and we will certainly include the American Cancer Society on the list of nominated charities for our next campaign. When we put out the call for voting on the nominees, if you would like Fandom Rocks to raise funds in honor of Kim, please cast your vote accordingly. We would love to have the opportunity to organize a fundraiser that would give Supernatural fans everywhere the chance to make a difference in the lives of cancer victims in memory of and in honor of Kim.

As I sit here – watching Dean in a little hatchback during “In the Beginning” – I couldn’t wait any longer to share this news with you.

The “Promote It!” Contest
Fandom Rocks is excited to announce a contest in partnership with CineQuest!

We have a little over a month left in the hiatus, and we want to see how much you love Supernatural. We want to see your best promoting skills out there in the real world. We want to see something like this:

Promote Supernatural!

1. Go outside.
2. Get creative.
3. Promote Supernatural.**
4. Take photographic or video evidence.
5. Submit it to us via email.

CineQuest has agreed to judge all of the entries and select the top three entries to win awesome prizes! You have until January 15th to submit your entries!

Don’t feel creative? That’s okay! Check out the awesome Supernatural collectibles at CineQuest and support Fandom Rocks at the same time! During this campaign, CineQuest is offering two coupons for Fandom Rocks. Use coupon code “FANDOM” and $1 from you order will be donated to Fandom Rocks. If you purchase a minibust and use coupon code “ROCKS” $5 from your order will be donated to Fandom Rocks!

They have something for everyone – Supernatural Magazines, Trading Cards, Minibusts, Apparel, Glassware, and A VERY SUPERNATURAL CHRISTMAS Cards – take a look! (Not to mention all the collectibles for other fandoms.)

What are you waiting for? Shoo! Go! Let’s see those creative promoting skills in action!

**Be safe and legal, please.

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